Thursday, June 12, 2008

You Know What?

I love blogging. And, I might add, I love hanging out with each and every one of you, whether friends in the "real" world, or friends I've gotten caught up with in the World Wide Web. You know why I love blogging? Let me count the ways...

1. I love keeping an online journal of pictures and thoughts on our life- better than any scrapbook or written account, it is here on the web, accessible to anyone, anytime, and all our days are organized by tabs, so memories can be recalled at the click of my cute little mouse. What an awesome thing.

2. I love to write, whether it's "good" or not, it does me well anytime I put my thoughts in to words. I love creating something every day, that no one else can take away from me. The laundry I just hung? Some of it's already back in the hamper. That diaper on child 4? It's coming off soon too- but my blog post? It's there, evidence of a finished work, right there on my computer screen every day. Ah, I made something, I shared it with the world, and no one can stain it or throw it out.

3. I love sharing our lives with all of you! I started to blog only for us, and for the few friends I had in real life that would share the blog-journey with me- as I'd loved their own blogs for a while before I had one of my own. Now, I not only have a meeting place for all our sweet friends and family, I have friends from all over, who I never would have met in any other way- and I feel I know them so well, because we authentically share our everydays together, all the good, bad and ugly. I love you blog-friends that don't worry about posting something that's always profound or amazing- you post your real-life moments and it's fascinating (and aren't those real-life moments where all the really profound and amazing things take place?).

4. And did I mention how wonderful comments are? Truly, they are the adult-equivalent of passing notes in sixth grade. How awesome to hear a hello from time to time from people near and far- especially for a Mama who's home with 4 small children every day- when you pass a note by me, it's passed to a woman thrilled for adult interaction. Trust me on that one.

Oh, and when I needed help on that apron purchase, there you were with all kinds of excellent points. Thanks.


Rachel said...

Lookin' good in that apron! I loved passing notes and I love comments too. Such fun :)

Ris said...

oh my gosh, you are SO dang CUTE in that apron! I love hearing your day to day stories! Glad you agree that not every post has to be profound...if I had to have a deep meaning behind every post, I'd rarely have anything to say, LOL. I love details of normal life and I think that's where the good stuff is! And seriously, you are a doll in that apron! Its already paid for itself!

Grammy Staffy said...

I totally agree with Ris....that is a darling picture of you in your new apron. I love it.

I also agree with EVERYTHING you said about loving blogging.Even the part about needing adult converstation. I'm only with our little Austin 2 days a week, talking about Thomas the Tank Engine and Cars, but the rest of the time I'm alone a lot. My husband spends most of his day up in his work shop or working in our orchard.(which my other friends with a retired husband tell me I should count as a blessing.) When he is in the house he is usually reading or at his computer and he has never been much of a conversationalist anyway.

I check my messages several times a day because I just love it when one of you drops in for a visit. My daughter, Erin, got me into blogging in Feb. and I'm already addicted. My non-blogging Mindy and my sweet hubby just shake their heads in bewilderment at my love for my new hobby.

I've been thinking about what you said in your last comment to me. I will try to incorporate more "words of wisdom" (not that I have that many to share) in some of my future posts. I'm thinking that since you asked, perhaps others might find a few of my thoughts beneficial as well. At least I hope so.

Have a great day my cute, young cyberfriend. I'm glad that I know you.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

That apron is perfect! Pretty and a little bit sassy! I bet your girls love it :)

I also love blogging. It's my creative outlet, plus I'll still have friends with me wherever the Air Force moves us to!

I'm even getting pretty good at the whole talking on the phone with a bloggy friend thing! That makes blogging even MORE fun :)


Lisa said...

You are way too cute in that apron. Such a sunshine!

I'm in agreement with you on everything you wrote about blogging. So true!!!

I'm off to try & copy your two week meal plan concept - wish me luck!!!

Kristen said...

ADORABLE in the apron! LOVE it, and yes, it was a total must purchase! :)

I completely agree about all you said about blogging. This mother of two certainly appreciates the adult contact as well!

Keep blogging Megan, you have a friend in Arizona who loves reading what you are up too! :)

emily freeman said...

Hi Megan. Glad I found you through your comment on my blog. I look forward to reading more. Love the apron. Wearing one makes the food taste better, I think.

Shelley Kubitz Mahannah said...

It was so funny, just last night I sent an email to Deb of fame and told her how cool it was that we now read your blog. Deb and I have known each other since 5th grade and use our blogs to keep up with friends and family (and I rant because ... that's what I do), but it's so neat how this blog world has expanded!

And yes - that apron is really darn cute!

Unknown said...

I love blogging for all those reasons, and most especially, because it makes me happy.

And I really like to be happy.

anne said...

1. LOVE your apron.
2. I love reading your blog, and isn't it strange how quick you can connect? When we moved to Kentucky it was my blogger friends who helped me through the first few months.
3. I love reading about you and your family. Seeing pics of your house, the kids, yourself! Plus you are hillarious...
4.Comments do rock!

amanda said...

can i just say ditto :)

oh and you my friend look fab in the new apron. really you should be the model on etsy!!

Grandma B said...

Hello Megan. The picture of you is just darling..and the apron is so Mid-Western!! Love it. I am glad I found your blog, because sometimes I miss Sioux Falls and the Mid-Western people. Many times, in my mind, I am able to come back there and go in my Grandparents home. Some memories are indelible aren't they.

Hope you aren't getting nasty weather like so much of the area back there. Iowa is just terrible, isn't it. Are the farmers able to plant crops yet there in S.D.?

Hope you and yours have warm and sunny days ahead. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog about the memorial. Someday I hope to see the real thing....LOL