Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day 2008

We had a great weekend. Jim and the girls went out Friday night to complete their shopping duties. I got my present Saturday, after much dirty work was done by our little gardeners. The present Jim was really hoping to give me, a new blog design, didn't get done in time for Mother's Day- but I'm holding out for my birthday this summer... right Brian?? *wink. I was really sure it wouldn't be done by now anyway, and now I just get to let the excitement build and wait a little longer... and I ended up getting a really wonderful gift- some new pots I'd really wanted for our porch. I told Jim about them several weeks ago, how I loved the patina and all the reasons they'd look nice next to our house. They were a little spendy. I don't think I ever would have gotten around to getting them for myself this spring, and was thrilled to see them out there, full of daisies- honestly, who can be sad around a daisy? Now I'll have Mother's Day flowers for a long time to come...planted by little loving hands. They were so proud. We had a great Sunday, lazy and relaxing like usual, with some extra lovin' for Mama thrown in. Hearing my two-year-old say "Happy Mother's Day" several times yesterday was so precious. Here are some pictures from my Mother's Day, complete with crafts made at church- the kitchen staple of every mom. Happy Late Mother's Day all you Moms out there....

As taken from Elisabeth Elliot's book, The Shaping of a Christian Family, p. 127,

"A talented woman was asked by a friend, 'Why have you never written a book?'
'I am writing two' was the quiet reply. 'I have been engaged on one for ten years, the other
'You surprise me!' the friend said. 'What profound works they must be!'
'It doth not yet appear what they shall be,' said the woman, 'but when He makes up His
jewels, my great ambition is to find them there.'
'Your children?'
'Yes, my two children. They are my life's work.'"


Ris said...

Happy Mother's Day! The pots look great! So sweet. (your hubby is super thoughtful!) I can't wait till Dax is big enough to purposefully make me something for the fridge! Next Mother's Day!

Kristen said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love the "who can be sad around a daisy"? What sweet things your little ones did for you on Mother's Day!

And I love the quote from your book. I agree, our kids are our life's work! :)

Well said, my friend, well said!

Lisa said...

Happy Mother's Day! You are such a smart lady, Megan & the flowers - perfect :)