Monday, April 14, 2008

What Have YOU Learned Today?

Whether you like tomatoes or not, you should check out this book. Phil Vischer, the man behind Big Idea, Veggietales, and the one who was leading the company when it collapsed has written a great book. In it, he tells his story- his life, his experiences, and the events leading up to the creation of the tomato and the cucumber that took over the world. He speaks poignantly about the birth, death and resurrection of a dream, and it's an incredible story. It's a short, simple read, yet full of interesting facts, biblical wisdom, and life lessons we all need to take to heart, whether we're running a household, a marriage, a multi-million dollar company, or a popsicle stand.


Kimberly said...

Thanks for the recommendation. How you have time to read I will never know!

Ris said...

Sounds interesting! We love Veggietales! (esp the SingaLong DVDs) The company collapsed? I had no idea!