Friday, April 11, 2008

Enough Said.

I found my first gray hair. Lord, help me. I wasn't ready yet. I wilted. I inspected it a third and fourth time to see if it was really just light blonde. It wasn't. I retold myself my age. I reminded God how old I wanted to be before I received this genetic gift of "early gray" (45...15 years after genetics should have caught up with me). Of course I plucked it out. I made Jim promise he wouldn't tell anyone. I shifted to blame. "Which child pushed me over the edge?!" Then, I just got a little sad. Sad shifted to thankful. If the trend is here to stay, I can just cover it up! If I have been foolish enough to think I'll be young forever, thanks for the reminder I was wrong! This gray cloud has a silver lining somewhere, and I know I'll find it. In the meantime, the shriveling of my spirit lasted only a moment. Boldness took me over and I'm certain this gray hair will not define me.


Anonymous said...

Megan, I truly enjoy reading your blog updates. I only wish that when I had the opportunity I would have gotten to know you better so I would more clearly understand what to look in what clearly is an amazing wife and mother and woman of God.

kelly said...

You need to embrace the gray as a badge of age and wisdom. You know, like how stretch marks are the badge of motherhood???

She who is going gray, quickly.

Ris said... one has to know! I will never know when I get gray hair, as I have been coloring mine since I was 12. I barely remember what color it was originally!

Lisa said...

Man....I hope that since my hair is such a lousy dirty blonde/brownish color to begin with the gray won't come for a long, long time. My poor cousin started turning gray at 16 - can you imagine???