Thursday, March 27, 2008

Woo Hoo!

I'm a runner up! Andrea at Sgt and Mrs Hub is handing out awards for the moving tips she received on her blog- there were so many incredible ideas! I really wish I'd had some of them for myself when we moved! Let's hope I don't need to know them for myself any time soon- but I'm definitely passing the good ideas on! Oh, and did I mention I'm getting some Vermont maple syrup? I can't wait. Thanks Andrea! Hope the move is incredibly smooth, and your family makes some great memories through it all!

Oh, and about my tip- I told her about my gift to myself before we left Rapid City. I knew I was bound to have a day when I sort of "lose it". When the stress and rush of moving hits home, and I realize I'm lonely, sad, overwhelmed, etc... So, the day before we left I bought myself a wonderful new tea pot with a cream and sugar pot (something I'd been wanting for a long time). I called it my "Boo Hoo Pot". I packed it away in our things and decided the first time I feel lonely/sad/overwhelmed I'll break it out and drop everything else we are doing that day and the girls and I will have a tea party. Then, while we were in Minnesota, I found a really great set of espresso cups and saucers, which make excellent "mini" tea cups for the girls. On clearance for $2. How perfect!

We haven't had a tea party yet, but I tell you, I thought about taking it out today. I realized this morning that the only reason I knew it was Thursday was because the day of the week is published on the header of each post on my blog! It was pretty sad! I have nothing going on outside of our home, and what I plan for us. No play dates, no Bible Studies, no small groups, no story time at the library, nothing...and that means... we don't have any friends! (We do have several in the area and in our city and we're going to hopefully get together and catch up with them very soon- but we haven't made any new ones yet, and there's no "social life" to speak of...) This weekend will be the first time we attend Sunday school at church and I'm sure we'll start meeting people then. Anyway, I figured a moment may come when I feel even more "boo hoo" than that, so I'm holding out.

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Ris said...

Cool idea! I want to see pics of the tea party. I am so glad to have a daughter so that I can have a tea party some day! LOVE the pic in your new house with the girls at the table. Something about that picture just makes me smile.