Friday, March 28, 2008

Indecent Exposure

My house is about 55% "dressed". There is still much for me to do in the way of "homing" this place up, but for now, I'm at a standstill with decorating, happy that things are livable, knowing I've got lots of time ahead of me in this place. We still need to grab a couple of chairs for the living room when we can both go together to pick them out, and then our living room will look a little more rounded out. Hudson's room and the girls' room are totally untouched other than their beds and clothes in the closet. These rooms are so fun to decorate, so I want to take time with it. As for all the other details, when the mood strikes me and I get inspired, I'll go for it. Until then, I can live with this. I tell you, I'm very excited to paint, but thrilled that I have an excuse not to do it right now! (Jim, go ahead and take your time deciding when you're going to build that wall and replace the floor...but not too much time... :). )

Anyway, though I'm risking some "indecent exposure" showing you this just-over-half-dressed house, I know many of you want to see the new home for the Kochs...

Here's our house- it was really muddy that day so I couldn't get in the yard to grab a better picture, and crossing the street meant walking through a huge puddle of water (in ballet flats) so I didn't go for it. I have no idea what color my house is. It's grey. But some days in certain light, it almost looks blue. I'm telling people it's grey. It is definitely mostly grey... We're excited for the SNOW to GO AWAY FOR GOOD so we can make big improvements to the landscaping and the girls can plant flowers with Jim.

Here's our back yard...again, not a super was so muddy.

The Master Bedroom is off the Living room. The Master Bath and Walk-In closet s-o-l-d me on this house. I'd had my heart set on another house, but Jim really wanted this one. The mini "suite" for me set apart from the rest of the house (and children) was very attractive. Now, I'm so glad we got this house- it seems to suit our family really well, the neighborhood is lovely and I'm so glad we chose it. I'd promised myself I wouldn't be disappointed if there wasn't a Master Bath in the house we would buy, so I wouldn't turn down a good house just because of it. So, it was a nice bonus in my mind. Always keep low expectations and you'll be pleasantly surprised most of the time! Ha! :)

Here is our kitchen. As I see these pictures today (I was in a hurry yesterday so I didn't look at them) I realize how poor they are. Sorry if all the angles are weird. You get the idea.)

This is the hallway that leads to a Main Bath on the left and Hudson's room on the right. He was sleeping so I didn't get a picture of it. You'll see that in the before-and-afters in the months to follow I'm sure. It's tan. There's a crib and that's about it right now. Very exciting.

Here's our basement, which is actually bigger than this, again, sorry for the awkward angles. That's our utility/laundry room to the left.

The girls' room. Again, I'm so mad at how my pictures look! (And yet, I don't want to re-take them...) I promise, the room is bigger than it looks in my poor picture. I LOVE the huge closets the basement rooms have. More than enough room for three-girls-worth of clothes and shoes. Storage space makes me absolutely giddy.) We're going for a pink-red-orange scheme here, and their sheets tie everything together. It will be great. Once we have some time to get creative.

The home school room is next to this one, and is a mirror image of it. Again. Huge closet. Can't wait for all that great storage space for all of our school stuff and my craft stuff too. The school room is a summer project for me- like, when it becomes too hot to go outside all day and we need to stay in. Then I'll get it done. No doubt it will be the last room I finish.

OK, that brings the tour to a close. Can't wait to see all of you who live near us! We're glad to be back!


Ris said...

it looks great! So happy you are getting settled. How fun to decorate a new house!

Don Mills Diva said...

It looks rally nice - I love all the wood trim and the nice big yard!

Lisa said...

Wow! You've accomplished a TON for having 4 kids & only being in a short time!!! Looks really nice :)

Unknown said...

Love it! It already looks homey-- and tidy! I'm amazed!

The friends will come--you will get involved... How did you like church/Sunday school?

Anonymous said...

Looks great Megan! I wish you and the kids could have made it to Janet's wedding yesterday! But, I COMPLETELY understand. :) It was fun to see Jim though. That was sure kind of him to drive all that way. Talk to you soon.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I want to be like Megan!! You are amazing - your house is lovely - I don't know how you do it! The pink room is my favorite ;)