Friday, March 21, 2008

Sage Advice

A wise person, somewhere, once said, " Don't bite off more than you can chew." They were, of course, right. In light of that good wisdom, I tried to make a responsible choice for my living room. You see, our main living areas are vaulted, and all run continuously together. If I were to paint it how I would like it to be, it would all be one, lovely warm and rich cream color. Ahhhh. I love color. I love deep and rich and warm colors, I just love living with color. In the past I've had a red kitchen, a purple kitchen, and my favorite was a deep brown-red bathroom. Our home school room in this house will be a bright grass green. Ahhh. Color. Anyway, there used to be a large, sage wall in my living room. That's right. Used to be. Yesterday I started to feel sick- probably allergies. I felt like junk. Junk with a capital "J" and heavy on the "unk". What to do? Obviously, my children would show me no mercy. No rest for me. If I did try to rest, Lily would immediately set to work doing something "naughty"- she knows exactly when we're not looking. Sometimes the best thing to do when you're sick is go to bed. Sometimes, the best thing is to get up and do something. Oh, of all the somethings I could have done, I chose to start painting that wall. I do love green, I just wouldn't paint my living room that color. If it had been in a bathroom, I would have left it, but, no. It was one, large, out of place, dark sage wall in an otherwise whitewashed house. I am very, very excited to paint that huge area the previously mentioned lovely rich cream color I want it to be. I heavily considered just going for it. But, because Jim is going to put in a new wall and a closet, and we're replacing most of the carpet with wood, I want to wait until that is finished first- or I'll just have to paint again, and, yeah. No thanks. Oh, and the thought of a project that huge right now kind of makes me want to die inside.

Alas, what to do? I know I'll paint it all in a few months, but, every time I looked at that out of place wall, it bugged me. It just irked me all day long, and reminded me of the previous owner, and I want my house to remind me of us. I decided to sabotage the sage and prime and paint it white, so it could at least all be the same color, until I'm finally set for the final hue. I was up until 2 am, but I'm done. My guess was right- all white is so boring. How does Pottery Barn make all those all-white rooms look so amazing? Oh, that's right, the houses themselves are amazing, and their budget is unlimited...

Anyway, I'm set today to finally put some pictures on the walls, now that the paint is dry. With some familiar faces gracing my glances at every turn, those white walls are going to start to look pretty nice.


Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

You're so funny. I bet you feel better now! Pictures make such a big difference. They are my favorite form of decorating.

I love color too... I'm dying a little inside thinking about the white walls of military housing. I'm seriously going to have to do something. I just don't do boring ;)


Lisa said...

Good for you! I started a painting prject a month ago (started painting woodwork) and don't think I'll EVER get it finished! Can't Pottery Barn come & decorate the house for me??? If only my budget was unlimited, right?