Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm Never Right.

I'm always correct. Jim's nearly five years in structural design have made me correct, every time his answer to me is in the affirmative. He can't use the word "right" while he's at work, or answering someone's questions about a design on the phone, because that would also be a direction- the opposite of left. Things were always "correct" at work, and his way of talking there has slowly made it's way home. He has a really hard time explaining anything to me without being too technical, no matter what he's trying to say, and his "engineer-speak" used to drive me crazy. But, I'm so over it. I now find it endearing. I do wonder if, upon moving on to a new job, designing things like grain augers and trucks, I may cease to be "correct" in the future. I doubt it.

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