Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nemo Earring, The Boogley-Eyed Fish

This is our new fish. I caved. I've fought the battle of a smart mom who knows who'll really be taking care of that fish and isn't interested in one more thing needing her to feed and clean up after it... But the girls were thrilled when our routine trip around Petsmart to look at all the animals ended with the choosing of a new special "friend". I admit it, he is pretty cute... he's one of those goldfish with the big eyes, like a pug with fins. And, he was on clearance, for goodness sake. Who doesn't feel the love for a sweet little fish on clearance?? (This is, by the way, how we got Bacon in the first place...I'm a softie for the downtrodden, the castaway, the undesirables... we went to pick out our westie, but there he was- tiny, adorable as all get-out and with one eye. Are you kidding me? Was there even a choice to make?) Back to the fish- it was so cute to see Patie proudly carry the bag to the register, and the girls took turns carrying him to the car, to the house, etc. They are so sweet and careful with their fish- and he's turned out to be pretty fun. He interacts with us a lot, and is always busy swimming around and checkin' stuff out. The drive home was spent choosing a name, which only took about three minutes... Upon my asking what this fish shall be called, Patie got thoughtful and spoke the most original, unique name she could think of...Nemo (of course). And of course Grace thought that was a great idea. But, then again, Emma has a fish named Earring, and that's a nice name for a fish too. A small debate between the sibs concluded with the decision this fish was to have two names, a first and a last. There you have it- Nemo Earring. And although none of them can perfectly pronounce the word "boogley", that's the word they use to talk about his big, beautiful eyes.


Ris said...

That is hilarious! At least a fish is less maintenence than a guinea pig or something icky. (btw, Bacon is so adorable, I would not have been able to resist him either!) How cute are the girls, staring into that bowl!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Welcome to the world of fish ownership! We have "George" the beta. My kids think the sun rises and sets with him.

Say hi to "Nemo Earring" for me!:)