Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life in the U-C

Well, life has, these past few weeks. All of the decisions and dates were made and set for Jim's new job and the move, though, and we set out to find the home we'll be moving in to, and sharing together, for what will probably be many years.

At times, the decision making and the preparations have been Utter Chaos, but we stayed confident and firm that God has it all Under Control. After a couple weeks of searching, with hundreds of options and no peace about any of them, we've found the home God has been preparing for us, and it's Under Contract.

Woo Hoo!


Lisa said...

Congrats! I hope your new house becomes a home very quickly!!!

Anonymous said...

post a picture... please please! We're excited for you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You'll have to be moving soon, eh?

Unknown said...

Isn't God GREAT?

Incidentally, how do you pronounce Patie? Like Katie? Is it short for something? It's a sweet name!

Ris said...

I am so excited to hear that! What wonderful news!