Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Like Hunting...Without Guns

We're off again this weekend to look for a house. We have a great Realtor, who is willing to spend his entire Saturday taking us all over the city showing us houses- all but one of which- we won't buy. Ah, but we've been praying and we know if God has given us a new job and a new city to live in, He's got our new home covered too. We just have to find it and trust He'll make it obvious to us. So far, there hasn't been any obvious-ness. And so the search continues. We're confident there is a home waiting for us. Until we find it, we're going to enjoy the hunt.


Ris said...

You are so right. When God leads you somewhere, He is going to provide everything that you need! Looking at houses is so fun though...imagining where your stuff would go, where the kids would play, etc... I hope that you find something wonderful very soon!

Lisa said...

When we moved 15 months ago we looked at 29 houses in 2 days. We came to a compromise when we picked our house. You know what - it is the PERFECT HOME for us! It will work out for you all too, I promise!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I hope you find just the one without too much hassle! It's kind of exciting, isn't it?!