Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MOSPS Moment

Every once in a while I have a moment. A moment when I realize just how much my these kids of mine make my life better, harder, more wonderful, more complicated. Let's put it this way: life with four small kids has it's own "flavor". I've come to call these "MOSPS Moments"- times when I know without a doubt I'm livin' the life of a Mother of Several Preschoolers.

I had a little moment today.

You know you're a Mother of Several Preschoolers if:

You write your husband a little love note and upon finishing it you realize, in place of his name, you've written "Daddy" on the front.


Don Mills Diva said...

OMG - I have one child and I have caught myself doing that! I just stumbled across your blog and am really enjoying it.

Lisa said...

That's pretty funny! You didn't comment yesterday, but I'm glad you did today!
Cute little one. Looks like you stay plenty busy :)