Thursday, December 13, 2007

Computer-Illiterate Mother Leaves Child Unattended

So, not to bore you with my techno-drama any more than I have to, but, I still don't have the video thing figured out. As I sat trying my hardest to "crack the code"- you know, the one a billion YouTube users have figured out- there was a big ray of light. Brian from InterVarsity called, wanting to know if I could bring enough chili to the big end of the semester Christmas Party to feed around 50 starving college students. I said yes, knowing the numbers for the Christmas Party are usually more like 75 or more. However, I was happy to feed the collegiate masses my sub-standard chili. College students are so easy to please. Really, I was thinking I was SAVED. After a hasty yes and a working out of the details, I finally got a chance to ask him what was burning on my mind. I asked Brian (student at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, which is FULL of engineering, science, and computer super-minds) if he could PLEASE explain this simple process to me?? His reply made my heart sink. He is one of the (self-proclaimed) lesser tech-savvy "around here". AGH!

While I was at the computer wallowing in my own "I majored in English, all I needed to do with the computer was find Microsoft Word and the Cliff's Notes website"self pity, Lily had all kinds of plans. Grace and Patie were still downstairs. She saw where I was and thought, "Mom's on the computer... Oh! And now she's on the phone to boot! I might as well be home alone!" I came downstairs to find her surrounded by half-eaten cookies at the coffee table- fresh-baked cookies from the cooling racks on the counter. The effect of all the fresh-baked goodness gave her a sort of "half-baked" look in her eyes- like she was on the edge of a serious sugar coma. She had also rebelled and torn out her pony tail, explaining the crazy hair. All of this in a matter of minutes.

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Jenn Boerger said...

I just love reading about your "everyday" adventures! Sounds like everyone has been having a lot of fun (with or without permission! =)) I keep thinking we'll see you @ church, but we just never do - we'll have to get together to make up for that!