Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Picture Post Cop-Out

I have waited so long to post. So many things I want to say, yet so little time to say them all right now. In an effort to post something, I'll post some recent pictures...

Here are some recent dress-up fashion masterpieces...

One day a couple of weeks ago I was making dinner while the girls played in the other room. Lily had been looking at toys quietly and Grace had been reading books out loud to herself. I looked in on them and realized it was actually sister story time. I thought it was so sweet.

Sidewalk chalk is of course a summer favorite at our house...

Here the girls are tracing Jim, just like he did for them. His fine chalk art is pictured below.

After we were done with the chalk the girls burned up some pre-bedtime energy jumping around in the yard. Grace loves to see "action shot" pictures of herself. This one features some crazy hair.

Last week I couldn't find Lily anywhere. Eventually I realized she had finally made it into the inner sanctum. The place she always wants to be and can never get into: the dog cage. There she was, hanging out with Bacon, who high-tailed it as soon as he saw me, somehow knowing it was SO not cool that he let his sister get in there. She was so happy to finally just be one of the dogs. I took her picture before I spoiled all the fun and made her get out.


Anonymous said...

Megan -

pictures of your darling girls should NEVER be seen as a cop out! they are so cute!


About Brandon said...

I love the Koch family! You guys are awesome!