Thursday, May 31, 2007

Literary Ambien

No, I'm not posting with a list of the most boring books I was privileged to read in college. (However, if you ever do want one of those, my four years certainly gave me opportunity to read some "great" books. I can definitely come up with a Top Ten.)

I have some sort of rare birth defect, or maybe it's a disease no one ever talks about but, whenever I read out loud I get so tired. If any of you experience this, please let me know, so I know I'm not alone, and my kids know their mom isn't the only one. Reading board books, etc. to my kids is cake, no problem. I also can read to myself forever and I'm fine (as long as I'm not just tired in the first place). BUT- in the last year Grace has gotten old enough to really enjoy reading longer books with me- the kind with few or no pictures, chapters, you need a book mark-- you know, actual books. I noticed it first when we started to work through a chapter a day of the A.A. Milne Pooh classics. No more than 2 paragraphs in I was stopping to yawn, and after I'd struggled to finish the chapter, I'd have a serious desire for a power nap- no kidding. (I should add that I'm not tired to begin with). I've dealt with this for a year. We recently started reading Charlotte's Web, and I was determined that I would read Grace her promised 2 chapters a day and I'd find a way to kick the snoozes. I've tried breathing deeply as I read, breathing less deeply as I read, taking extra time with the words, sitting in different positions, all kinds of things, and nothing works. I still get so, so tired. Jim says he's never had this problem, and he can read out loud for hours (and he can, he's done it on trips with me before). Reading to himself does make him tired sometimes though. (Doesn't it make everyone tired, if you already are?)

So alright, yesterday after my usual special afternoon time with Grace and the 2-chapter-induced 10 minute nap that followed it I decided something needs to change. Can anyone tell me why this happens? Maybe this is Dr. Oz worthy. If I get to be on Oprah, I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...


I have the same problem! I yawn constantly while reading aloud, even if intentionally try to control my breathing etc... I don't have to nap afterwards- but I always feel drowzy and yawn the entire time I read. Weird!
Maybe its just a symptom of "overworked Mommy" coming out sideways!

About Brandon said...

I've loved catching up on your blog! You guys have such a neat family! I loved the baby pictures, reading about Grace's party, seeing your day-to-day events, and hearing your fun stories!


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing!! I can't believe there is someone else that it happens to. I get incredibly sleepy, eyes watery, yawning, etc. It's so frustrating and I always thought it was in my head!! So glad to hear there is someone else out there!!

Brooke (soon to be Kind) :)