Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So last Saturday night was our weekly Family Night. The girls wanted pizza so we headed for the Hut. After coloring our place mats, eating our tasty and completely bad for us breadsticks and enjoying the hand-tossed goodness we were ready to go. Jim took the check up front and paid for the food. When he got back, he asked if I had any cash for a tip since there wasn't a place to leave one on the credit card slip. I didn't. So, there we were, wondering what to do. I should throw in at this point that the service stunk. Even so, we always leave at least 20%, unless the waiter starts our hair on fire or something, then we might leave 15, if we thought it was intentional. So back to the dilemma. What would you have done? We weighed several options. I had 78 cents in my wallet. That was the best we could do. So we debated. What's better? If we left no tip, we might look bad, but they could assume that we, probably like most of the other people that eat there, don't have any other way to leave a tip if there isn't a credit card option. Or, we could leave an insultingly small tip and make it look like we were total jerks, or just cheap, I suppose. I will add that if the service had been awesome, or even up to par, I would have just found the waitress and said that we realized we didn't have any way to leave her a tip, apologized sweetly, and thanked her for the excellent service. I didn't feel like lying to our waitress, who hadn't even been to our table since she gave us our food, so that was out.

So, whether it's right or it's wrong, we ended up snubbing her. I promise we'll never (intentionally) do it again.

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