Monday, April 2, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt 2007

Storybook Island had their big Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday, made slightly more messy by last Thursday night's said snowfall (see previous post). The whole thing is hilarious, but so fun. The kids are separated into age groups, you wait behind the line while they build up tons of anticipation, then after the big countdown all the kids bust the tape and run in to collect their limit of 6 eggs. Then you wait in a huge line with all the other hunters so you can have your turn to open your eggs with SBI volunteers to see what you've won. (You can't open the eggs before that, since they have special numbers inside of some of them for winning cool prizes. Apparently, they're afraid that parents will cheat so their kid can get a cool scooter or whatever. Where did the trust go??)

Here's Grace waiting anxiously for the hunt, and then a picture of her as she meticulously looks over all the eggs to decide which ones she wants. (This made me nervous, because you wouldn't believe how fast those eggs were disappearing! OK, the competitive parent in me didn't want her to lose out while some other kid got her stuff).

Here's Pate taking off to get some eggs (they let parents help with the 0-2 year olds).

She was very pleased with what she found.

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pk said...

Super cute!