Monday, April 16, 2007

The Mission

Jim and I rented this last weekend, in our ongoing quest to go beyond the outer walls of the video store and find something great in the VHS section. We'd never heard of it before, but you can't blame us since it was in theatres when we were 6. But, it was nominated for best picture in 1986, among several other Oscar nominations. If you haven't seen it, we'd wholeheartedly recommend it- but go into it knowing it's not great because it's simply entertaining (although it is very well-done). It's the type of movie that forces you to wrestle with issues we normally push away- atrocities that are made most disturbing because they are taken from actual events. We were left processing the movie for a while afterwards. You can check out a review of it on Plugged In Online.

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I've never heard of this before but the review at plugged in looked compelling. Brandon and I enjoyed "Stranger than Fiction" after you recommended it - so thanks for all the great movie reviews!