Tuesday, April 24, 2007


As I sat at my favorite table at Bully Blends tonight, for the second night in a row, fully enjoying my pot of Crime of Passion tea (a sencha-style green tea), soaking up the eclectic sounds of open-mic night, I thought, "This place is definitely blog-worthy." (No, I'm not avoiding my husband. Last night I was there hanging out with a student, tonight I was there to chill after the girls went to bed since Jim brought some plans home to work on). I know I've briefly mentioned it in a previous post, but I have to say it again, Bully Blends is such a great place. I know if we ever moved to a different city, it'd be one of the things I'd miss the most. I have nothing more to say, and certainly nothing thoughtful or insightful, or even interesting to say about it, other than I just wanted to give one of my favorite places a nod.

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Ashley said...

YES! When you move to a different city, BB is one of the things you miss the most ... :( I have yet to find anything anywhere near it out here. (Thank goodness Wausau has other redeeming qualities!)