Saturday, March 17, 2007

International Breast Milk Project

This organization was featured on Oprah's show last week about moms around the world. Jill Youse, a mom from Minnesota started the project to help small babies dying of AIDS and other diseases in Africa (this is her picture, taken from their site). She said that for children who are this sick, having the high-quality nutrition from breast milk can be the difference between life and death. Mothers from around America can donate their breast milk, which is then sent to centers that pasteurize it and send it to orphans in Africa. It's an incredible project and the site is worth checking out. There was footage from an orphanage in Africa on Oprah's show and I saw a small baby so weak that it was trying to cry and couldn't. Some images cut to your heart but they fade and you forget them. I haven't been able to get that baby out of my mind since I saw the show. You can of course send them monetary donations, but I thought this was such a unique chance for mothers in America be a "mother" in a very real way to these sweet children. Anyone can give money, only a mother can give milk.

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