Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Had All These Plans...

I had big ambitions for this morning. Jim planned a great morning out with the girls for today. I had to get up early so I could make it to ClinLab first thing this morning to (obviously) get a lab done. I had to go early because it was a fasting lab and, of course, a pregnant woman can't go all day without eating. So, I got up and made it there in time to be first in line. I've got really difficult veins. Since childhood I've been told they're really small, and they move when they're poked with a needle. Needless to say, it can be really hard to draw blood. Usually two to three different people in the lab need to try before anyone's successful. This morning was no exception and after three people, 40 minutes, and several pokes in both my arms, I was headed home. I've got the usual sick stomach thing going on, but when I don't get a chance to eat for long periods of time, it makes me more sick. Add to that the many pokes in my arms (not a great feeling), and I was feeling so gross when it was all over. When I got back, Jim could tell something was wrong. He asked me about it and I said, "Hug me." I am so pathetic.

Jim was ready to take the girls out for bagels and then take a trip to check out the dinosaur exhibit at the library. They would get to have a fun morning out, and I was going to take the hours of time at home by myself to catch up on the many rough drafts of blogs that I've wanted to finish and post. I felt so gross that I ended up laying in bed reading for the first hour and then falling asleep in the sun with my dogs who were hanging out in bed with me. It was actually a nice morning, but much less productive that I'd wanted. Now I've spent my little blogging time left telling you all of this and still haven't written anything I'd hoped to.

I'm really, really hoping to get something new on here sometime soon, I promise.

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