Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Perfect Snow

It has been snowing here this week. It's the kind of snow that seems to happen here once or twice a year when it just snows and snows for a few days- absolutely beautiful little snowflakes all day long, but it barely collects on the sidewalks and streets at all. It's enough to make everything white and beautiful, but it doesn't inconvenience you at all- no shovelling, just beauty. Wonderful, beautiful snow. It is especially wonderful to watch it snow from here, warm in my house, watching the evergreen-covered hills surrounding us glisten in the winter air. I absolutely love it.

This week, in the stillness of an early morning, I was thinking as I watched the snow fall that God is so good to make creation so beautiful, and to make our hearts so attracted to the beauty. How can we miss the way He romances us in such sweet ways as the snowfall? Grace and Patie are already sweetly in love with the snow- they get so excited when they wake up to find that it snowed while they were sleeping, and they've giggled in joy more than once saying, "Mommy, the snowflakes are kissing me!!!" when we've walked outside in the snow. There is something so wonderful about seeing the little flakes fall from the sky so high above, and then getting to touch them- they love, love the snow. I'm reminded of something in a John Eldredge book, I can't remember which one, maybe The Sacred Romance or Captivating, but he talks about how creation is, largely, for beauty. Yes, it is functional, etc, but it doesn't have to be beautiful- and yet it certainly is. God has completely surrounded us with beauty, because He can, because He loves beauty, He is beautiful, and He draws us into that beauty with Him. Science can fully explain to me how the moisture got in the clouds and the specific conditions needed to produce snow, but they can't quite put their finger on why the beauty and power of nature gets to us like it does. But, it does draw us in to the grand design and the Designer. Our God is so incredible, and this world is a wonderful place to experience Him, in all He has made- I can't imagine how wonderful total immersion in His presence must be!

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