Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Latest Melt-Down

I have a knack for melting things in our dryer. I've melted many stuffed animals that aren't
supposed to be in the dryer in the first place, making their once super-soft fur matted and mangled. I've melted the fur trim on one of the girls' coats (thankfully she grew out of it soon afterward), and the list goes on. Jim loves to tell stories of my dryer mishaps. I always feel terrible about it, but for whatever reason, I just keep melting things. You'd think I'd learn... So I had to share my newest creation.
So last week I washed all the girls' bedding and their babies, etc. so they'd be nice and clean. A friend stopped by that morning and while she was here I forgot to put the stuff in the dryer. After she left I quick-fast thew everything in to dry before nap time started so they'd have their blankets. 20 minutes later, I was hilariously shocked to find that I had done it once again. This is, perhaps, my finest work to date. This is a picture of Grace's doll- and Patie's looks exactly the same. They have always had beautiful long straight hair (color change hair, no less) with these neat pony tails in the front. Now they sort of look like, well, the Bride of Frankenstein, and no, the color change does not work any more. You see the picture and think her hair is standing up like that because she's laying down, right? Actually, it stands straight up in the air now all on it's own. Well, that's cooler than color change hair anyway, right?? Grace and Patie used to brush and brush their babies' hair and now, they remind me all the time how they can't anymore because I made it all funny. But, they love their babies anyway and they still love Mom anyway too...

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