Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wash Their Feet

I have a saying I tell myself daily: Wash their feet every day. That's what I remind myself, and that's the whisper I hear in my heart in those moments when I am at a crossroads to take the road to do what I want to do or "should" be doing and the road to go and bless or serve Jim or one of the girls, doing something I know that they need or would love. It has blessed me and centered me on God's purpose for me as a woman, wife, and mother, and I know has blessed my children and Jim as His call to serve takes me up out of my own agenda and opens me up to His will for me in that moment.

Foot washing can mean so many things-- from the "serious" things of life to the crazy and fun. I was thinking today as this phrase came to mind how vast the call to serve is-- what an incredible life we live when we live in Him, following Him. Life, people, circumstances are demanding. Much is expected of us. There are many things that I will "have" to do in a day-- but it is amazing how much the Lord can use us if we will take the step to choose to serve others, not just fulfill an obligation, but serve them- looking for needs and giving them more of our energy than the just enough to get by. What if we give them more than our average? What if we choose to serve and give them our best in that moment? What if we lived every day that way? In case you're wondering, I usually fall short of giving my best. The times that I step out of what's natural for me and really do pour my best energy into serving I have seen so much fruit come of it-- not that it is easy, but it is best and you can see the Lord at work in it.

Washing their feet also means that I try to find extra ways to bless and love my family. Today, washing their feet meant that I interrupted my plans for the day to play an impromptu game of "sounds of the seashore" (very fun game). It was a really fun time with my girls and they love it when they see me put down what I'm doing and give them all of my attention. (Like the Sara Groves song goes..."And love to me is when you put down that one more thing and say • I've got something better to do • And love to me is when you walk out on that one more thing and say • Nothing will come between me and you • Not even one more thing".

What they REALLY love is when we initiate spending special time with them (when WE ask them to read books with US, etc.) We are thinking that since we have had a lot of time together as a family lately, we will try to make this a "foot-washing weekend" with the three days we have, fitting in a special time out alone with each of our girls with one of us. We try to do it regularly, but it's been harder since Lily was born to make it all "schedule" in. It's always a special time. We do things like wake one of them up early before anyone else and sneak them out to get a bagel and a steamer, or take one of them shopping (my girls love to shop!) while everyone else is taking their nap. THAT is a special privilege!

How awesome it is that the Lord chooses to serve others through us!

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