Wednesday, August 9, 2006


ok, i've been meaning to blog about this for a while. so-- the whole mel gibson scandal going on right now- i'm sure you know what i'm talking about.

i heard about it on the news right after it happenned and i just felt really sick. was i disgusted with mel? was i ashamed of what he's done to encourage the image non believers have of christians (hypocrisy)? no. i was instantly sick thinking about all the nasty things other christians will probably say and think about him. i know. that's cynical. but at the moment it was all i could think about. i still think about it every time he's on the news.

i've heard comments from christians/non believers on tv about how surprised they were to hear about his alcohol problem and the famous allegations of his verbose views on jews. you know, since he's the guy behind one of the most controversial and influential pro-jesus movies ever made.

here's the deal. as soon as i heard about the big arrest and all the details, i thought, "no wonder! i can't imagine the amount of spiritual warfare going on in that man's life." satan must want to bring so much destruction in ruining the life of one of the most high profile christians in the world.

what an incredible picture of why Jesus came to save us-- for our depravity and to free us from our own sin and the things that bind us. a lot of people are going to think he is a fraud, never really a "good" christian anyway, and certainly not a "good" one anymore if he ever was. i see him as a human, in need now just as much as he ever was, of God's grace. and ours.

people are going to judge him, satan will use that. but- for each one of us that places judgement on his struggle with alcohol, we've all got ours too- not just our countless daily sins, but our biggest "issue"- be it food, pornography, anger, bitterness, deceit, financial issues, whatever it is for each of us- we all have our "thing" that we need delieverance from-- and Jesus Christ took those sins on Himself so we could have access to the forgiveness we need from the God who wants to be one with us. if i let myslef think on it, i am so amazed that a God so perfect and holy would want to get so close to me- so close that there's no separation- and that He'd go to the greatest lengths He could to bring me to Him. (see the ragamuffin gospel by brennan manning-- and i'd recommend any of his other books too).

i have to imagine this is a very dark time in mel gibson's life- but i believe if he turns to the Lord, and gives this all over to Him, God can take this media blow up story about a huge hypocritial sinner and make it into one of the most powerful personal testimonies the world will hear about grace, forgiveness and reconciliation. there is so much potential there for God to bring Himself glory-- in times that satan thinks he's won, i know God has a greater glory through it, and ultimately He wins every battle for Himself. the passion of the Christ made such an incredible impact in bringing the life and hope of Jesus to the world, and i believe mel gibson's personal testimony has the potential to make a big impact too.

i find myself feeling hopeful about this situation because of all of these things, and i know God can do anything through it. what an incredible God we serve!

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katie said...

well put, megan. as a believer, i feel guilty for not covering him in prayer after the success/contraversy of the "passion of the Christ". really, its when we are shining the brightest for Christ that we are the most succeptable to falling the hardest. now we can pray and look with anticipation at how the Almighty can use this struggle to His glory.