Tuesday, August 1, 2006


for all of you in the "club"-- you know who you are-- i believe (now that ty and nathan are here)this is the FIRST time in 2 years that not one of us is pregnant! right?? unless eva's not telling us something! :) there's i think 4 of us nursing, though... it will be a REALLY long time before we can say none of us are pregnant OR nursing- maybe by then we'll be able to plan and carry out that elusive "ladie's weekend getaway" that's so hard to plan right now.

for those of you that aren't in the club-- you know who you are-- they're a wonderful group of 6 women i'm priviledged to know from back in my days at SDSU (check out the link at the right). they're some of my best friends that i never see! we're all busy being grown-ups right now with husbands and babies-- except for one. there was no bling by spring erika, but i think diamonds are an excellent BIRTHDAY present- what was in that box?? jk. well, no, not really.


Anonymous said...

No Megan, I am not hiding anything (that I know of). I'm quite enoying having just the one child for now. =) How do you ladies do it with more than one? Where does the patience come from? Oh yeah...Megan, does Patience have patience? She's pretty spontaneous though, isn't she.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, previously, that was Eva.