Thursday, October 1, 2015


The deep, jagged cut of corruption in this world deceives us.  We believe a simple, smooth lie that darkness has won.  That one bite of fruit catalyzed a mass exodus of the presence of the Creator, and we were left behind to rot.

We see the lost and fractured and pray they'll be filled with the Holy Spirit, but imagine that Spirit coming down on them from another place, an alien invasion upon a lost planet.    

Look deeply into suffering, raw pain, disease, abuse, neglect.  The surface swims with poison and injustice.  See the trail in the grass; the hiss of the snake will drown out your ears.  

Don't turn away, don't obey fear.  Look deeper, press in.  Listen.  Look.  Look at what holds it all up, what can't be stolen away.  Run your fingers through the grass and feel something of what you were born to know.

Train your eyes to see the burn of light no darkness can overcome.  Your sacred ears will hear it.  You'll hear His voice,

"I'm here.  I've never left.  My hands made all you see.  It's mine.  It's broken now, but I'm mending.  I'm making all things new.   
I intimately know every drop of HIV infected blood.  Intricate, created excellence shines in every strand of DNA.  Look for the glory.  Do you see it?  I'm here.  I'm mending.  I'm making all things new.   
This world is full of blinding hurt.  Molestation, abused power, cancer, and theft.  Don't lose hope.  Anchor with me down deeper than the lies and the pain.   
We aren't bringing glory in to a lost world, child.  We're uncovering the glory that's already here.   
We're clearing away the mockers and the liars and the infection.  Underneath it all, I'm there.  I never left. 
Darkness did not win.  I will never abandon you.  I'm here.  I'm mending.  I'm making all things new.  Come with me; you were made for it.  Watch me closely.  Put your hands on mine and get in the mess with me.  We're here, we're mending, we're making all things new.   
Feel intense joy as we upend evil and expose the light it's tried to snuff out.  Shiver with joy every time My hands heal, locking the broken into alignment.  Let's put it as it should be.   
The blind see, the lame walk.  The dead raise.  I do that.  There's no fracture I can't set right.  I tend to the suffering. I never walk away. I want you in it with me.  Wake up and walk.   
We're here.  We're mending.  We're making all things new."

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