Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hakuna Matata.

On our way to Victoria Falls Rachel let it slip that she would really, really regret it if we didn't try to visit a game reserve.  So after we visited the falls and went to the Livingstone market, we embarked on the most epic of trips to a game reserve any American with $15 US could hope for. 

For locals who'd know, it was just like Bear Country USA, but Africa-style.  You drive in your own car and at your own risk through a game reserve along the Zambezi.  You don't know what you'll see, but hopefully, you'll see some stuff.


This hippo was elusive, but, I've heard we wouldn't want to get much closer.

This was incredibly fun.  We laughed and yelled and got a little too close for comfort with some elephants, but all was well and we have the pictures to prove it. 

Oh the elephants- so majestically elegant and large and powerful.  The Americans were impressed.

Our drive was also timed perfectly at the close of day, the light was so delicious you could butter your bread with it.


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