Sunday, July 7, 2013

That's My Daughter.

I confess that the day I took this picture, I took at least 50 more, all nearly identical, but each one unique.  Later as I culled through the images I couldn't bear to throw out even one.
Like every parent, I am amazed at how quickly my children evolve and mature, but lately Grace is just blowing my mind.  She is so tall, so stretched out, so well-read and really, really thoughtful.  I catch myself staring at her every day wondering where my little girl went, and who this girl is becoming.
As I stood in the creek with my camera, that Loudon Wainwright song played in my head over and over, sharp and nostalgic.
Watching her grow is a grieving and a joy; I'm so glad I get to keep the pictures.

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Lisa Kephart said...

Beautiful shot. Beautiful girl. I'm glad she has you to TAKE the pictures!