Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Fling.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, I have just one more post today.

It's not uncommon for friends to come over to play Just Dance at my house.  This time, we took it up a notch. 

Last weekend we held the First Annual Spring Fling and it was the bomb.

1.  Find the most awesome formal gown you can at a thrift store (or from your closet.)  I found this one for $10.  Bonus points if it's a little ridiculous.

2.  Kick out your family, then decorate your house with tons of cheesy balloons and confetti. 

3. Have your rad friends bring along food and drinks, and come in all their thrifted finery.

4.  Have a contest, jam out to Dance Cardio Radio on Pandora, play this game and OF COURSE play Just Dance until everyone's a sweaty mess.

5.  Repeat festivities bigger and even better next year, because it was a blast.

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anne said...

I love this ! Fabulous!