Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Thaw.

There is a large drainage ditch just beyond the boundary of our backyard.  It was a huge point of hesitation for me in buying this house; our yard isn't that great.  It's just not. 

Jim and I do marriage coaching with several engaged couples in our church.  Last night during a discussion about money we needed to explain both one of the worst and best financial decisions we've ever made.  We unanimously agreed that one of the best decisions we ever made with our money was to buy this house.  (These points will relate- just hold on.)

Five years ago today we closed on this house, and it really was a compromise of the best of our combined discernment to buy it.  It also had very little charm when we purchased it, but, over time our family has loved it up and it's become a cozy home that has been just enough

And the ditch I hated so much has been an unbelievable blessing, providing tons of extra space and grass to run and to play frisbee and soccer, an excellent spot for catching fireflies and dragonflies, snakes, and frogs, for puddle jumping, even ice skating when things are just right; and in winter, it is the place to be for sledding for all the kids in our neighborhood.  Endless opportunities have been given to us because of it, as a parade of scruffy kids have marched back and forth across it, forging friendships and sharing s'mores.

The day we closed on our house was one of the first warm days of that spring.  Everything began to melt and when we arrived after closing, that ditch was flowing with water, as if we had a legitimate bubbling stream in our backyard.  Each year since, right around the anniversary of our closing date, there is one day when things really begin to thaw, and a little "river" runs through it again, marking another year, promising that warmer weather is just around the corner.

Last week we had our first real thaw, and I'm grateful to mark year five in our little house.

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