Monday, March 11, 2013

Bread Books.

After reading so much Judith Jones this month, I went hunting for a couple of the breadmaking books she'd co-authored with her husband, Evan, to keep for my kitchen.  I was able to find both Knead It, Punch It, Bake It! and The Book of Bread from Goodwill stores via Amazon, for just $1 each (after shipping, they were $4.99 each.)  

I have a ton of really great bread recipes, but I was excited to own these, knowing Jones had crafted these recipes herself, along with her husband, in their own kitchen.

The Book of Bread is the Jones' collection of bread recipes from around the world.  It's large, interesting, and charming.

Knead It, Punch It, Bake It! is great for kids because it's written with easy to follow instructions, generally without even mentioning using anything that "plugs in."

It's all about dissolving the yeast into the water with your fingers, kneading the bread with your hands for five minutes, etc.  Simple, instructional, very very hands-on.  

Saturday was cold, rainy and dark...we made bagels.

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