Sunday, December 9, 2012

Patie's Thoughts on the Wizarding World.


The first thing we did was go to Ollivanders wand shop.  My sister got chosen to do a demonstration.  She got a birch wand with a unicorn hair core.  Everyone else got to choose which wand they wanted. I chose Luna Lovegood's wand; the part you hold onto is carved to look like a tulip that is going to open.

At Hogwarts I went on a ride and it looked like you were flying through Hogwarts.  The part that I thought was creepy was the spiders drooling on us and the Dementors in the chamber of secrets.

I went on a roller coaster that was based on Buckbeek the hippogriff.

At Honeydukes I got Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans* and a jar of U-No-Poo.  On the bottle it says "You Shouldn't Be Worrying about You-Know-Who, You Should Be Worrying about You-No-Poo."

My Dad went on a roller coaster that I wanted to go on** but I was 5 inches too short.  After my Dad went on it he said I would have liked it but it might have gotten me scared.  It goes upside down and in circles. 

At lunch we ate at the Hogs Head and got frozen butterbeer.  It tastes sort of like butterscotch.  We also had chicken legs and wings corn on the cob, carrots and broccoli.

Two hours after lunch we got some more butterbeer.  I got really cold because I went on two water rides and I got soaked on the first one and even wetter on the second.

*They are every bit as wonderful and awful as you would expect.

**Patience is a roller coaster warrior.  We actually took the girls to the Wizarding World twice; this day, and again on the Saturday before we came home.  That day Jim rode the dragon coasters over and over again while the girls spent their allowances.  They're intense, and he loved it.

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