Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Projects.

It's still "fall", but it's colder and darker and winter is close.  I wear my coat a lot.

(Insert appropriate segue here) Pinterest.  The thing about Pinterest is that it's all eye candy and it's easy to pin and pin and never follow through with doing any of it.  Over the last year I started making boards just to organize the projects that I really wanted to finish each season.  It worked really well over the summer, and though I didn't have very many goals for fall, it worked for that too.  I plan to have tons of goals for the winter, because winter is long and cold, and usually drives me crazy.  So, I'm going to be adding more and more to this board.

Every Wednesday when I make my menu I'm going to choose some projects from my winter board and add them to my calendar for the week.

Yesterday I made some sugar scrub with the girls.

We made it exactly as described in the post, with the same soap.  It smells citrusy, works really well, and works best if you follow up with some moisturizer.

I like this concept better than scrubs that incorporate oil with the sugar- this works great as an exfoliator, then you moisturize on your own to skip that oily residue.

It's cheap, and great for dry winter skin. It's also impossible to pull off in the summer thanks to ants.

The first day we get some legitimate snow, I think we'll have to do this.

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