Saturday, September 29, 2012

Third Annual Autumn Tasting Party.

This is not much of a photo recap-  I took a few photos, everyone showed up, and I completely forgot to take more.

I love throwing parties, I love my friends, and every year I've hosted a tasting friends have brought friends and I make some more. 

This year my little house was really full- I never got an actual count, but after looking over the glasses at the end, we definitely had more than 20 and less than 30.  It was very loud, it was fun, we stayed up late, we ate cheese, chocolate, and bread- and sipped wine, of course.  All in all, a night like this is filling in every single way and I am so grateful for nights spent sitting long with people I love.

I'll include a list of the foods we ate at the end of this post for reference for everyone who was there; you can see what we sampled from the first and second annual parties by clicking the links.  I'll add the sources when I can. 

Random links: 

You can find the NuanceWine Finer (wine aerator) here, and read more about it here.

You can find the recipe for the focaccia here, from Cook's Illustrated.  You can access it with the free trial.

The Whites

Thanks Melisa!

The Reds

Thanks Tiana!

Thanks Kristin!

The Cheeses

Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar with a Honey Drizzle

All cheeses are available at The Market on Phillips, save for the Cabot, which you can get at HyVee.

The Chocolates

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Danielle said...

That quote is just fabulous. Looks like a lovely time!