Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am so grateful to know Richman Syabbamba, who is more alive today than he's ever been.  My heart is full of grief for Regina, for his children, and for every life that Poetice/Fortress touches in Choma and throughout Zambia; losing Richman is an immeasurable loss.

Richman modeled to me what it is to not waste the life I've been given, and to be the hands and feet of Jesus to my neighbors.  I am heartbroken for Choma, and heart-filled with hope for the future.  In great pain God brings so much beauty and life and that has never been more clear to me than in the work this ministry does every day.  We are never forgotten, and God's plans are greater and farther than our present sight. I am full of love for God who brings beauty from ashes.

Richman we will miss you terribly, but I am full of joy for you.  Your joy and your sense of humor were contagious- you've left so many good stories behind.

Radical Lives: Richman Syabbamba from Ryan Humm on Vimeo.

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Lisa Kephart said...

So well-written, Megan. I loved your opening line, "who is more alive than he's ever been." I hadn't thought about it in quite those terms. I know you're right, but I'm still in the grief-fog. I think I will come back and read this in a few months when I can read it without crying. He has left so many good stories behind, which is part of what makes this so hard.