Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Out of Place.

According to my family's tradition, we eat ebelskivers every Christmas.  They are time consuming, even with multiple pans, but simple and worth it.  Once a year.

Last week while buying something else on Amazon, this book popped up as a suggestion.  It had good reviews, and was inexpensive enough, so I fell victim to Amazon's sly tactics and added it to my cart.  I also recently found another ebelskiver pan at an antique store for just $12.  By the way, if you're making these, one of these makes the whole process so. much. quicker.

Then I had to try it out, just once, even though it felt so very, very wrong to break out an ebelskiver pan in July.  I made the cinnamon/caramel recipe, and while they were way too sweet for me, the recipe held up well and the kids loved them.  So later I made a batch with the basic batter for dinner (with sausages, of course), which worked great. 

Hudson kept remarking that it was "so weird" that we were having them and it wasn't Christmas.  I agreed.  Hands down, these are winter food and it felt all kinds of wrong to eat them while watching the opening of the Olympic games- but they were good, there are lots of recipes to experiment with, and winter is coming soon enough. 

Until then, back to summer food, swimming, reading, playing hard, and barely ever blogging any of it.

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