Friday, June 8, 2012



Ten years ago today we had our little June wedding.  
It feels ages back as much as it seems it was yesterday.
We've changed so much; we're still who we were.
We're both closer to who we're meant to be- with far to go.
I have discovered and become so much more of who I am because I am tied to you.
In losing myself, I've found myself.
This is the transfiguration of marriage.
I don't depend on you to make me happy; and you make me so happy.
I really do like you, very much.
Every year I've loved you more- the easiest and hardest thing I've ever done.
We've grown up and evolved and learned and multiplied; and through all 
this change and becoming, we are closer, tighter, better.
Our paths complement one another, and then join.
I know that's because long before there was a you and me, 
we had both decided to let Someone Else lead the way.

Happy Anniversary.


The ultimate happiness in life is the conviction that one is loved; loved for oneself- better still, loved in spite of oneself. -Victor Hugo

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anne said...

Happy 10th Jimamd Megan ! 2002 was the best year to get married if I say so myself! ;)