Friday, May 18, 2012

Yes, you could drink it.

Sidewalk Paint

2T Cornstarch
4T Water
6-8 Drops Food Coloring

We used neon, which was super-bright and worked really well.  I threw all the stuff they'd need in a bag/containers, gave them some paintbrushes and out the door they went.  They especially loved mixing the paint themselves- this couldn't be easier.

At first they painted pictures, then Grace started splattering, which looked so cool because the paint is dark when it's wet then after a few seconds on the hot concrete it dries bright and electric.  That ended up being so fun, they Pollock'd until the paint [all my constarch] was gone.

Lily turns to me and says, "You can eat food coloring.  And bake with cornstarch.  And we drink water.  So...."

See where she was going with that?


Ashley said...

1. Considering the fact that I stop by here daily, I need to comment more.

2. I'm wishing I had known of this back in my day care days, but I'm passing it along to my friends at the camp for future use.

3. I had to scroll down a bit to find a post I was willing to comment on considering my main purpose is to say, "Hey, I tagged you."

4. One of these days, I will cave and give Pinterest a try...

Megan said...

Pinterest is fun! What's great is that you can use it for whatever you want- not just crafy things, which I'm not that into.

You're hilarious Ashley!