Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Book Store

Summer is (nearly) here.  I wanted to incorporate an incentive program for summer reading that helped the girls set solid goals, and was also memorable and fun.

I've seen people employ this type of rewards program in place of allowances, etc, or for good behavior.  My ultimate inspiration was the Awana store- the kids completely get this concept.

So here it is- our Summer 2012 "Book" Store.

Two of our kids read insatiably.  The other two enjoy it while they're doing it, but need motivation to get started.  I didn't want reading incentives to be monetary as that greys the lines of allowance for chores.  And I wanted it to be simple and at their own pace. 

There is no limit to how many rewards they can earn, but I told them I wouldn't replenish the supply in these boxes until everything was gone.  So, no outdated reject candy at the bottom of the box, etc.  That shouldn't be too much of a problem- I got all kinds of things they love- candy, toys, craft stuff, soda, juice; all things they love and I "never" buy them.

Grace and Patie have a simple system.  They choose a chapter book and bring it to me for approval.  As they read, they take time at the end of each chapter to write down the "big ideas" on post-its and stick them right in the book.  When they are done with the book they bring it to me to talk through every chapter; essentially an oral book report.  If all is good, they earn 10 points.  Points can be used immediately or saved for larger items (each color represents a point value.)

Lily and Hudson's rewards are different.  For Lily, for every 10 minutes she reads to me, she receives 2 points.  For Hudson, every time he does a great job during our learning time, he earns 2 points.  They will also have opportunities for "bonus" points through various reading/writing/learning tasks as I see fit.

So, after I introduced all of this after school today, Grace and Patie immediately..........


Danielle said...

What a fun idea! Your homeschool mama side is coming out. :)

Do you mind me asking what you do for Hudson's "learning time." If I recall, he's about the age of my boys. They're going into kindergarten in the fall.

Joe said...

Man, you're such a fun and creative mom! Good work!

Becky said...

Love your idea of having the older girls write down the main point/idea of each chapter they read! Also, love your prizes!!!

Becky said...

Love your ideas of having the older girls write down the main idea of each chapter! Also, love your prizes!