Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In the Dark.

Bacon, our 8 year old pug- who had just one eye to start with- has lost his sight.  It came on slowly over several years and this year it grew much worse.  He is now completely in the dark.

He has used his sense of smell to get around for a very long time and now it seems even that is waning.  He needs help finding his way around the yard, help finding his food in the morning, help getting on the bed. 

Whenever we used to sit down, he would instantly be on our lap, snuggling in to his favorite spot underneath our arms.  We thought this was cute and also so annoying.  Now he doesn't see us sit.  He walks into things, into people; now when we sit we like to go find him and help him find his way to that spot again.

But the sunny spots- he finds those.

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