Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some Things to Note....

Just a few things to note related to photography and photography classes.

1. I will be scheduling summer sessions at the MOVM very soon.  When I have those dates, I will post them here.  Workshops and one-on-one mentoring are still available upon request.

2.  Due to the number of people who have requested it, I am considering offering these same classes in an online format which you can access at home and ask questions as you go.  Interactive features will allow for the same question/answer environment that exists in "real time" class with me and with other classmates.  The benefit is you can progress through the class at your own pace and enjoy working on it solo, while having the option to talk to me and your classmates at any time, on your own time.  It looks like it could be pretty neat!

This is primarily for out-of-towners, but if you live in the Sioux Falls area, and feel you'd benefit from learning in this way or can't attend class, you can certainly take part as well.

We all learn differently and some of us get "lost" finding answers online without a guide.  If that's you, these interactive classes might do the trick.  There is even a bit of an advantage here, as you'll have access to the class content over and over again in the future.

These classes would be available sometime in early summer (but once you've entered the class, you can keep the information online indefinitely.)  If you are interested, disregard the comment section and instead email me at  I will let you know if and when the classes are live.

3.  Do you have questions about photography or your camera?  Feel free to email me those as well.  I love answering questions and am happy to take yours.  Ask anything, or email me photos you have questions about- both common blunders you can't seem to avoid, or happy accidents you want to emulate.  I hope to post more photography-related tutorials over the summer months.  
TONS of information on the basics exists online (and in my classes!) but I would love to offer more tutorials in creative techniques etc.  Anyway, ask away.  I'll certainly email you some answers and might even  post it on the blog as well.

Peace Out,

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