Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fine Arts for Free

So many people think it's neat that I decided to take classes about art and music. 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.... I just finished up my semester and it's official- I could have watched a few documentaries and implemented a couple of great websites and learned it all without the work and headaches. 

Ok, let's get real.  That's not quite true.  It wouldn't be exactly the same, but, if YOU want to learn more about art or musicals or jazz, here are a few resources that encapsulate most of what I've taken away from this semester. 


From Cohan to Sondheim to Larson you can dive into the evolution of American musical theater by watching this documentary (narrated by Julie Andrews, no less).  Follow through the documentary (available at your local library) and then watch many of the musicals yourself (also available at your local library) and in no time you will be amazed at how much you know, and how much you love theatre.

Art History.

smarthistory. Art History. Conversation.

This site is a GOLDMINE of quality information, examples, and analysis.  And the art is presented beautifully.  I can't recommend it enough, and it's also a wonderful tool for homeschoolers, if you are one of those.  Want to see the Last Supper in its own context?  Click here.


Don't know Dixieland from Birdland?  Watch this Ken Burns documentary closely, listen to samples of the music online, see clips on YouTube, and explore the vast selection of Jazz music in all its genres available at your local library.  The documentary is available on Netflix Instant Streaming and also at your library.

See?  Knowledge is exciting!  And accessible!   And thanks to technology and your public library, it has a very very low price tag. 

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