Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Top 10 List: Photograph Edition

2011 is almost done.  I'm beginning to make our annual photo book, which makes me nostalgic and weepy. 

I thought to close out the year I'd build a Top 10 list of my favorite photos from 2011.  It's a practice in reflection.

I might have chosen it because it's a special memory, or because I'm very glad I caught it, or because I just love it. 

In no particular order............................

1.  I love this photograph.  This is the exact definition of twilight, isn't it?  Day and night at once. 

2.  Hudson loves Jim.  And loves to wake Jim up on the weekends.  It's a nice bit of every day.

3.  Even when she's being spun upside down, if there is a camera present, Grace is working the mature-grown-up picture face.

4.  I shot this long-exposure at the lake- leaves whipping in the wind before a storm.  To me, it looks like an oil painting.  I LOVE IT.

5.  My muddy puppies.  It's not just a picture of Pippen (left) and Bebo (right).  Bebo is the alpha.  Incredibly devoted and loving to us, and a razor sharp, super smart watchdog. See how he's tracking something on the ground?  Pippen, on the other hand, acts EXACTLY like "Doug" in the movie Up.  And I love this shot because Pippen's pose reminds me of when Doug "points".

6.  I took this photograph in an "ugly" place.  It reminds me to keep my eyes open.

7.  I took this shot of the horizon on a cold and bright January afternoon.  When I saw the snowy horizon and the bright blue sky I thought of this Georgia O'Keeffe painting.  Not only do I love this photograph, but this little experiment began my obsession with creatively non-focused shots.

8.  I love this one because of the conversation we had while I took it.  It's a lovely memory.

(and this one will tie for this spot for the same reason...)

9.  I love this picture of Jim looking just exactly like who he is.

10.  Lily has "ruined" so many pictures this way. I can't help but laugh every time I look at a picture like this.  She just can't help herself.  Smiling on cue would make me so happy she can't possibly do it.   But guess what kid?  That face is so "you" I absolutely love it.  Your spicy attitude has made the Top 10!

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