Friday, October 28, 2011

Martha Stewart Prison Apples

I remember back to when Martha Stewart had just left prison and started her talk show, she shared about how she'd get apples from outside on the prison grounds, and carve into them somehow (I think with a plastic fork?) to remove the core, and she'd heat them in the microwave to make a simple baked apple while she was incarcerated. 

That was a really great idea.  Thanks Martha.

In the summer, cold crisp apples sound awesome, any time of day.  Now that it's getting cooler, hot baked cinnamon apples sound really good, any time of day.

I thought I'd share a quick tutorial on my own personal take on what I affectionately call "Martha Stewart Prison Apples".  Or, "M-Stewed Apples" for short.  I only say this in my head- my kids just call them microwaved apples, and no one else ever asks me about it.

1. Take a good apple (Granny Smith's are great for baking this time of year- they hold up well- some reds will fall apart on you).  Cut it into quarters.  Carve out the core, then dice it (I like to leave the skin on).

2.  Put it in a microwave-safe bowl- I use a ramekin when I make this just for myself.  It just has to be big enough to fit the apple, that's all.  Add a tiny bit of water and cover well.

3.  Microwave for 2.5 or 3 minutes- until apples are soft, but not decimated.

4.  Drain off a bit of water if you want, then sprinkle on cinnamon to taste (I, personally, heap on cinnamon).  You can sprinkle on some sugar, too, but I find it's sweet enough as it is.

5.  I mash them up a bit but leave some chunks.  You can do that to taste as well.

It's good.  Go try it.

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Hanalei said...

I remember this episode SO SO SO CLEARLY, and I can't find it online AT ALL. I know there were a couple of recipes during that segment, but I also distinctly remember the microwaved prison apples. I'm glad you wrote about it.