Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lazy Saturday.

Our kids are in MN this weekend with Jim's parents, and we spent our day doing nothing, and something.

We slept in, and had a late breakfast at HyVee.  Went shoe shopping (it wasn't bad). Did things at home.  Drank coffee.  Watched two episodes of This Old House, and some of Ken Burns' new documentary. We went out to find some milkweed so we could attract more Monarchs next year....

Then Jim decided he wanted to go fishing.  So we packed up for that, grabbed some Subway, and took the dogs to the lake.

It was wet, but great.  No bites, that's OK.

Saw a frog with one good leg-  thought of you Gracie.  You would have loved to have seen it.  He had a sad and crazy hop.  He gets around fine.

We came back, and decided we wanted cheesecake for dinner.  We grabbed the essential ingredients at HyVee, and we did, in fact, eat cheesecake for dinner.  Watched another documentary (about Conan), and then Jim watched Tron while I sorted through pictures and listened to the soundtrack to Wicked.

So, it was a lazy Saturday.  We did lots of things, and nothing, and it was great.


Danielle said...

Lovely autumn images. I have to say autumn is one of my favorite seasons for capturing with the camera.

Samantha Krieger said...

Your photography is amazing, Megan! I always love visiting your site. It's so full of LIFE!