Monday, October 31, 2011

A Bit of Patience.

Oh, Patience.

You were sitting on my bedroom floor, telling me all about your day, and you're just so incredibly sweet I took a picture so it would last longer.

Your voice is gentle.  Confident, but never demanding.  Sometimes you are extra quiet when you tell a story- so involved in telling it all that you forget to project so we can hear too.

Last week you told me, "Tons of people ask me what my real name is, I think they think Patience is just what Mr. Yeager calls me to be funny.  Like ten people have asked me that."  You weren't offended by it at all, because you're too secure and matter-of-fact for that- and you like your name- so you said you just tell them Patience is your real name.  And it does fit you very well.

You had your first sleepover last Friday night and it was awesome- but we had to cut it short the next morning because you inexplicably broke out into hives.  I took you to Urgent Care just to be sure we'd covered all the bases, and downloaded the Angry Birds app for you to play while we waited.  (We'd never played it until this weekend.) 

You are very, very good at Angry Birds- you're diligent, logical, methodical, and you love how cute and funny the birds are.  Your sisters get flustered and emotional when the game gets tough.  You just quietly plug on through the levels, like your dad, giggling occasionally at the funny birds and pigs.

In about an hour and a half, your hives had gone down and you'd gotten through to level 19, unassisted.  You got stuck on that level for a while, and after several attempts out of nowhere you blurted out, "AGH!  THAT PIG IS SO WELL-PROTECTED!"

We googled it and you got through no problem.

A few weeks ago, your teacher read King Bidgood's in the Bathtub to your class.  He stopped short of the ending and had all of you imagine how you think they finally got the King out of the tub, and write your answers down secretly (none of you had read it before). 

The story is really funny, and escalates in craziness- making you imagine far-fetched crazy scenarios for extracting the king.  Kids came up with ALL KINDS of insane stories- starting the castle on fire to force him out, constructing an army of people to come in scary costumes to scare the king out, etc...

Mr. Yeager said just one person in the class guessed it right- you.

You simply wrote, "I'd unplug the tub."

That speaks volumes about who you are. 

Love you Pinkie Pie.

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