Thursday, August 18, 2011


Jim planned a four day weekend last week.  The kids (and the dogs) went to Grandpa and Grandma's Minnesota farm for one last hoo-rah in the country before school starts next week.  We went out Friday night, slept in Saturday morning, and then packed up and drove to Omaha for the weekend.

We hung out in the Old Market on Saturday afternoon,

Then went to the Balloon and Wine Festival that night.

It was crowded, but fun- and nice to get away.

Monday we worked on things at home, and the kids were back in time for Lily to attend Kindergarten Orientation that night, and then for Grace and Patie to meet their teachers Tuesday night (the girls are attending a local elementary school this fall).  We really like all of their teachers a lot and we're all excited for a new school year to start (but a few more days of summer are OK too).


theKband said...

Love the picture of you and the wine. :) Reminded me of brie with honey drizzled on it.

anne said...

what a fun weekend! LOVE your scarf!
ps, excited to see how school goes for the girls! Hope you are well. We need to connect soon!
OH! And my parents just moved up near MPLS. My Dad took a job with Mayo clinic in River Falls Wi I'm seeing potential hang out time in the near future for you and I ! :)