Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dining Room

I've been aiming to change up my dining room wall for a long time.

I wanted to add a large-scale chalkboard, and begin extending the gallery wall in our living room into the dining room- just the beginning stage- so it can grow and evolve over time.

You can see what used to be on this wall here at Pinterest.

And you can see this pin board for the things that inspired me as I decided what to do with the projects I've done lately, as well as the after-shots.

I ended up with this (please excuse the non-artistic wide angle shots from my point and shoot that you are about to see....)

In the future, I can write all kids of things up there- quotes, a menu, notes and messages, whatever.  I like that there are two and they are divided- I can use them as one, or do two different things.

See, I'm wanting the wall from the Living Room to flow into the Dining Room, with room to grow and evolve over time, eventually rising higher and bridging the gap above the doorway up the vault...

I also didn't want to spend any money on these projects I've been doing.  Other than the chalk boards, so far so good.

This is my Mom's rolling pin, which she barely used, but I have fond memories of it (and pie crust) when I was young.  I used my picture-hanging kit and attached a claw hood to the back of it so it's secure on the wall.  Originally I didn't know how I'd display it, then I saw this and had a lightbulb/why didn't I think of that moment.

This is the platter my Mom always put turkey on at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I thought I'd write messages etc. on it with glass markers (which I originally have for this).

I purchased the vinyl chalkboard panels here, and Jim put them up for me last weekend.  They stay where you put them, clean off with ease, and create very little dust because they're softer than a regular chalkboard.  I highly recommend them.

And that is all.