Friday, June 10, 2011

In the Chaos.

I think it should be noted that all kinds of creativity happens when you've got open eyes in ordinary situations.

For instance,  when you're out fishing, and you have to stop for some of this...

You can grab a few shots of some of this....

It's all about isolating something wonderful in the middle of the chaos.  In this case the wonderful was a sparse patch of flowers in the trees, and by chaos I mean nasty bugs biting me, tons of prickly weeds to walk through, and a son who is taking forever to just "go" already.

Did you notice how much warmer the bottom photo is?  You can do that in-camera by adjusting your white balance- and you can learn about that with a Google search or in your camera's manual- OR- I could show you on Tuesday night.  (It's not a shameless plug when it's on my own blog.)

Have a great weekend. 

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